Business with Onyx Crafts Memorial Urns®

We are a Business to Business company and all our Sales go through our Distribution Network ,Wholesalers and resellers across the globe. We do however take calls from Funeral Homes and other Funeral Professionals, as well as Families, and guide them towards making the right selection of one of our products. We even provide catalogs and sales materials to Funeral Professionals.

We are working on this section of our website, to specially cater to the Business needs, a one stop Customer Service center for all our Distributors. You will only be able to login to the Business section, if you are a Distributor of Onyx Crafts Memorial Urns®

To become a Distributor, please contact us on +1 406 601-3530 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Central Standard Time or email us at

You can also submit a request via our Distributor Application Form.

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