Himalayan Salt Urns Hues™

Our Himalayan Rock Salt Cremation Urn is best suited for earth and water burials with a minimal amount of remains. The organic salt composition help biodegrade with in short time , less than 3.5 hours after the burial urn is put into the sea waters, disseminating the last remains of your loved one in a manner that is environmentally friendly , soulful and aesthetically appealing .

The  biodegradable urn itself is purely handmade out of natural rock salt crystals . Since the product is based on a natural earthen resource , you might find slight changes in hue and color of their appearance. The salt urns are made especially for water burials.


A natural sustainable product biodegrades in water or ground burial .

Handmade from Himalayan rock salt


Designed for water burial

Floats shortly, then sinks

Dissolves within about 5 hours

For Ground burial

Bio degrades within 3.5 months


Adult Size: 8x8x11"

KeepSake Size: 4x4x6"